Razin Financial Holdings sal

Based in Beirut, Razin Financial Holding sal has gradually but successfully expanded its initial objectives, to include those that are only carried out by first-rate investment companies with a history of international financial expertise.
Since its inception in Beirut in 1999, Razin Financial Holding sal has worked its way towards acquiring all the necessary characteristics to distinguish itself as a private international investment firm proficient in the administration of Private Equity investments.

During the past years, and in parallel to its mother company, Razin Group's long years of experience in the financial and monetary fields, Razin Financial Holdings prides itself on having formed respected and privileged relationships with reputable investors and professionals in the Private Equity sectors in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States, based on the highest levels of commitment to clarity and precision.

In its capacity as an international investment company, and through and with its daughter companies Razin Financial Holding sal, has the necessary attributes that allow it to efficiently provide financial support and services to its investors and associates.

Amongst its operating activities, Razin Financial Holding sal exercises and enforces all rights and powers of ownership and provides managerial and other executive supervisory and consultancy services for or in relation to any company in which Razin Financial Holding sal is interested upon such terms as it sees fit.

Razin Financial Holding sal is also involved in purchasing, selling, exchanging, leasing, managing, holding, trading, investing in all kinds of movable or immovable property, merchandise, commodities, and  products or services of any kind.

Besides the activities mentioned above, Razin Financial Holding sal is also seriously involved in world-class financial markets and is well associated with the leading international investment groups in the world. As a private international investment firm, Razin Financial Holding sal acts as lead equity investor in strategic minority equity investments, equity private placements, consolidations and buildups, and growth capital financing, all in parallel to its and its mother company - Razin Group Holdings' excellent banking relations with the elite Banks of the world.

Razin Financial Holding sal's latest international activities include embarking on an investment opportunity that has involved its partners and sister companies under the name of its limited partnership with some of the most renowned investment firms and funds in the world. The role that Razin Financial Holding sal has undertaken on its behalf is the administration and management of its own and its partners' investment in these funds. Acquiring and maintaining the invaluable trust of its investors is the chief motivation that leads to ensuring that nothing is spared in the process.

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